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Ecotech MarineとAqua Illuminationと言えば、超有名なアクアメーカーです。Ecotech Marineは、日本でも知名度が高いと思いますが、Aqua Illuminationも北米などではLED照明を発売している超有名企業です。そんな2社ですが、今回合併することになったそうです。その アナウンスが今日されたようです。



Press Release:

EcoTech Marine, Aqua Illumination (AI) Announce Merger

[February 24, 2014, Allentown, PA and Ames, IA]—Pennsylvania-based EcoTech Marine and Iowa-based Aqua Illumination (AI) have announced that the two companies have merged their ownership structures to better meet the needs of consumers.

The companies will maintain a separate brand presence in the market and each will continue to manufacture the distinct product lines for which they are known. The companies also plan to maintain existing distribution channels and customer support structures.

“This merger provides an opportunity for EcoTech Marine and AI brands to fill specific niches within the aquarium industry,” said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. “It was a move that just made sense given both companies’ commitment to advancing aquarium technology by offering never-before-seen engineering and software solutions to aquarists with ever-improving products.”

“I think I speak for both EcoTech Marine and AI when I say we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this merger,” said Chris Clough, President of AI. “Both companies have an unwavering pledge to provide our customers with the very best in innovative aquarium products and we are thrilled to be teaming up to fulfill and exceed those efforts.”

The announcement comes on the heels of a product launch for both companies: EcoTech with the Radion XR30w Gen 3 and AI with the Hydra 52 LED light.

For more information or to read FAQs about the merger, visit: http://www.ecotechmarine.com/merger.




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